Your Next iPhone can have new charging port with USB Type C


Yes, you read the right your next iPhone can have USB type-c charging cable and port support instead of lighting fast cables. According to new rumours, Apple is making the strategy to change the charging port on upcoming models of iPhone’s. Potentially will make the current charging cables useless.

The new report about apple from DigiTimes suggests that 2019 ‘s Apple devices will follow and acquire the lead over other smartphones manufacturer and adopt the new type-c port.

Way back in 2007 when the first iPhone has launched the company featured it with 30 pin dock connector and designed from the base of apple and made the Apple devices to survive for a couple of years.

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Later in 2012, Apple change the concept and introduced the new feature as the lightning port charging for phones(from iPhone 4 ahead).

Completely its, seven-year now, Apple is now planning again to replace the lighting port with USB type-c port for future iPhone devices.

The report claims also apple is redesigning their charge for iPhones and connected interface for upcoming iPhone and iPad models. Moreover, a confirmation from related sources in the iPhone supply chain mentioned about the same “will likely have its 2019 series of iPhones come with USB Type-C support“.

Anyhow, Lightning port is solely used in iPhones and type-c port is commonly used in every phone in these days. USB port type- was launched in the middle of 2014 and since then it is, increasingly getting popular for charging and data transfer in smartphones.

In spite of the fact that, the male end of the charging cable is little sizeable than Apple’s lightning cable, but most perform the similar job.

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Apple has already fitted their new MacBook series model with USB Type-c port and pushes other manufacturers to adopt the trend.

The main reason for switching to USB type-C is that you all will be able to use common accessories across all your gadgets anytime(headphones and charging cables).in addition which will mean that you can be able to charge the iPhones and Macbook with the same cable and can plug your headphones into the same port.

The most famous flagship phones are now featured with USB-C ports like- Samsung S9, google pixel, oneplus 6, HonorP20 pro etc.

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This is not the first time iPhone got rumoured for that Apple is planning to change the iPhone port but this latest report has clearly mentioned that 2019 iPhones to get the makeover.

Unfortunately, Apple has not tipped any confirmation about the upcoming iPhones variants with USB type-C. However, there is also rumoured from a couple of weeks back Apple can launch major three variants of iPhone in September this year.


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