Walmart tied up with Japanese E-commerce to launch Ebook Stores and Audiobook Devices


After the amazon kindle, now another E-commerce Giant from the USA is also attempting to cover the marketplace of E-Books and AudioBooks segment. Earlier to this year, Walmart has tied up with one of the Japanese e-commerce player named-Kobo, a subsidiary of Rakuten. This partnership deal set to sale online grocery in Japan and as well as E-books and audiobooks across the world through apps and devices. Along with this, Walmart also releases the physical copies of those books.

To compete and capture the market share Walmart also launch the website named WalMart Ebooks. Thus, the library covers the huge number of title ebooks from NYT to indie titles and children books, which is an approx sum of 6 million titles. Besides this, Kobo E-readers are available and also through android and ios stores even.

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Although the company also seems to compete in terms of pricing, Wallmart has done underpriced the subscription charges for audio books than Amazon. The subscription charges of audiobooks start from $14.99 per month but where Walmart has set the priced to $9.99 per month for the same, which is relatively quite less.

The partnership aims also for brick-and-mortar stores, to increase the sale of Walmart ebooks. The company also mentioned that they will also sell the Kobo-E-reader on the online as well as offline stores. After the week the customer will be seeing the E-readers in stores, which nearly covering the 1,000 stores.

In the mean, While customers who don’t want to spend the money ebook reader thus can download the apps aside from there respective store-android and ios. The Rakuten Kobo President and CEO-Michael Tamblyn stated in an official press release-

“Although we are a company that focuses on selling a digital product, retailers and store experiences have always been an important part of the mix in every country we operate in”

To expand the market share and give the tough competition to Amazon the company official stated moreover that they are excited to partner with Walmart as the US market as wide scope and can provide great reading experience to the customers while in the form of digital or printed.

walmart, walmart tie with kobo, kobo ebooks, kobo ereader

The Rakuten Kobo was established way back in 2009 with the aim to make content available worldwide in different language and currencies. Today Kobo covered 190countries along 24 localized stores.

Kobo Aura builds decent devices. For instance, devices start at the price point of $99 along the option of waterproof and different screen sizes. Apart from this hints came to know Walmart is even also working on its own Video streaming services(outside of Vudu), which can be part of some such programme. Later can give rugged competition to Amazon and Netflix, as per the reports.


Walmart tie-up with Japanese e-commerce named Kobo to launch its own ebooks and e-readers with 6million tittles


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