Vivo Nex Teardown Discloses The Puzzle Beyond The Innovative Camera Work


After the launch of the first bezel-less display and notch-off, the Chinese manufacturer Vivo become the first one to showcase new technology inherent in their smartphone. The Vivo Nex launched on June 12 with 91.24 per cent screen to body ratio along dual camera at rear and new spring loaded motor installed which uses the silver spiral to push out the front camera in and out.

Usually, today the smartphone manufacturer uses modern day technology and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. Among which includes some mechanical parts which rarely used by original OEM in their handsets. With that in mind, many of you curious to know about this new technology innovation that company was able to pull off. Well, the answer is quite interesting.


The Online folks MyFixGuide from China, has disclosed the secret of new Vivo Nex by tearing down such as in-display fingerprint sensor, vibration-based ‘earpiece’ speaker, pop out selfie camera works and much more.

Vivo Nex: Pop Out Camera

Vivo Nex, Vivo Nex Teardown, vivo nex teardown,  Vivo Nex Review

The first One, the pop-out camera, the tiny spiral stepper motor placed adjacent to the main camera setup which helps it moving up and down. The spring holding the camera module to provide support from external forces and protect it from accidentally opening the camera while carrying in the pocket. It seems like the cost of inherent this innovation is high and more prone to failure by using such complex system.

Vivo Nex: Earpiece Speaker 

Vivo Nex, Vivo Nex Teardown, vivo nex teardown,  Vivo Nex Review

The Vivo also remove the old style earpiece into the linear motor for phone earpiece. The Vibration motor is already seen in the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which uses the piezoelectric ceramic vibration. But the company claims that Nex generates more clear and loud sound than Mi Mix piezoelectric ceramic vibration. Moreover, this teardown reveals that linear motor is designed the on the same concept as of piezoelectric ceramic vibration.

Vivo Nex: Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo Nex, Vivo Nex Teardown, vivo nex teardown,  Vivo Nex Review

The Third one is an under-display fingerprint sensor, as per tear down of Vivo Nex, it is the first device to use ‘third-generation fingerprint sensor technology‘. There is a small hole under the display which has special sensor/camera which detects fingerprint sensor through OLED. Unevenly, it is slightly different from the Vivo X21 UD sensor.

Alike the battery placed is also somewhat different from the other smartphone. It is fixed on the metal base, to get it separated you have to remove the first six screws over it. However, Vivo Nex uses the 4,000mAh battery which supports Vivo’s owned fast charging concord.

As cool as the greater part of this sounds and looks, repairability endures, therefore. Remember that the Nex utilizes various extraordinary segments that are not for the most part accessible. Vivo Nex uses the Samsung K3UH7H7 8GB LPDDR4 memory chip.

Vivo Nex, Vivo Nex Teardown, vivo nex teardown,

Also, keep in Mind, it is not easy to tear down such smartphone like Vivo Nex. MyFixGuide has used many intense ways to remove the back cover. They use suction and heating tool to remove the adhesive and back cover. So, the overall parts didn’t get destroyed.

All things considered, there is a comment said for seeing what the Nex looks like when it is dismantled. The phone truly is an accomplishment of outline and designing that encourages it to emerge in a field of score adoring phones.


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