An App ‘Truthify’ Identify your Emotions While Watching a Videos using AI


After the huge success of ‘Whatsapp’ social messaging app, from the last couple of years, the messaging app now becomes the best medium for conveying the emotions behind the words. If we talk about getting or knowing the emotions, that can be only identified while face-to-face conversation. But now, a new app has used the latest technology trend on the social messaging platform to know emotions, feeling while on-call, watching, texting and on many more things. The app named ‘Truthify’, that uses the Artifical Intelligence(AI) technology with the help of a front camera. The messaging app tried to fill the gap in the current scenario.

How ‘Truthify’ works?

The Truthify app is designed on new emotional artificial intelligence (Emotion AI) is to identify the real feelings and expressions. It reads the 43 facial muscles within 14 times a second while using the front camera of your phone. The App gives you seven emotional expression conditions- fear, anger, disgust, happiness, contempt, sadness, and surprise. The Truthify show the top two captured expression in its user’s dashboard. The two expressive emotions results are shown in the form of percentage and highlights about most notice emotions of the user concerned.

truthify app, An App truthify Identify your Emotions While Watching a Videos using AI

The Truthify app AI algorithm works in phase, either you are formatting the messages in the form of text, video or picture. The app even though works well when you are watching the video and reading your friends messages. Both person(you and your friend) involved in the chat or discussion can see each other results. The results will be highlighted in the top two emotions.

“The motive behind the app as per CEO and co-founder of Truthify, Kevin Knull- finds that to be such a serious problem, that he decided to develop a messaging app capable of reading people’s emotions while they use it.”

‘Truthify’- Main Motive 

The main motive behind the ‘Truthify’ as the company mentioned that is not to be in the play of social messaging, but to help ‘brands, marketers, media, advertising agencies, political campaigns and civic leaders’ to get genuine audience feedbacks. It can help too data collection process, for that developer has ensured about the user privacy. At the feedback stage, your reactions will be posted anonymously.

As this app is a free version, if anybody wants more recording time and with wide functionality then can go for Truthify Premium and Truthify Pro membership(in-app purchases). These upgraded tools for anyone including businesses will give more insight analytics and true audience feedback as well.

‘Truthify’ App Availability 

As of now, the app is available for iOS devices through there App Store but for Android Devices it will be available soon, as per on company website mentioned.

No doubt Truthify tool as the in-app form will provide the advertisers to have correct reactions from their targeted audience in the realtime. But the questions arise ‘how many people will be comfortable in sharing that information from the app? and ‘how many will be exposing themselves for the sake of honesty?’. Let us know in the comment below.


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