‘TOTEM’-A Blockchain Based Photo Service From Baidu


Baidu-Chinese Search engine giant has recently announced new service for securing the stock pictures copyrights for the users in the china. Therefore they found that people of there nation isn’t regarding the intellectual property rights over the web.

On 11 April 2018, Baidu launched ‘Totem’ named-another blockchain based stock photograph service for their users, to secure the intellectual rights. According to the reports, Search engine Baidu found that numerous users are griping about the copyright issues. Prior to this year, Baidu has launched their first blockchain based application-named Laici Gou, the tool that enabled dog lovers to adopt, breed and also trade digital puppies.Laici Go is like the CryptoKitties idea, with the special case that it depended on puppies.

Totem will utilize the blockchain to timestamp each photo submitted on the user server base.The Application will record everything about the client’s name, identities in the real-time procedure on the Public blockchain ledger.And it will be convenient to verify the original author for that specific photographs.

After submitting the photo on Totem, Baidu’s AI(Artificial Intelligence) algorithm will examine the information with which is already stored over it. On the off chance that any match found, the client will get copyright note with respect to the first creator name and each detail put away on the record. However, this data will be accessible straightforwardly on the Totem with each user can ready to trace that data and if required can drop a demand for revision of the data.

After releasing Totem, the Baidu releases the official statement that Totem will have the capacity to track, approve and resolve all infringement claims for specific photos stored on this ledger. The organization ensures all copyrights assurance, expressing:

The copyright information will be permanently written into the blockchain and cannot be tampered with and when combined with Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence map technology advantages the dissemination of works can be traced, can be reproduced, can be monitored, and this will change the traditional picture copyright protection model.

Baidu has arranged some more for this platform.It will give the component to picture takers to feature their unique work. A ‘Photo Encyclopedia’ include that will demonstrate every one of the pictures a user has the selective rights to, and the choice to give photographic artists more brand introduction by coordinating Totem’s database with Baidu’s other web services, similar to look.

Baidu, Chinese Search Engine, Blockchain                                                              image source-keeex.me

Despite the fact that Baidu isn’t the first organization to empower blockchain photograph sharing technology.There are numerous other comparative services like Photo Proof by KeeeX is there, it enables the user to store their photo with geolocates, timestamps and anchors them. Moreover allows sharing their photographs directly on social accounts in a blockchain innovation way.


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