Spotify Will License The Artist To Directly Upload Their Songs


It seems like the music streaming industry is getting very competitive day by day. As recently youtube has begun the music streaming with all their new platform. To overcome the challenges now Spotify has come up new services for the artist to upload their artworks directly on its services. So, the artist can avail the real juice benefits of the world’s biggest music streaming services like no labels or distributor contract which were acting as the middlemen for them.

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Under the agreement, Spotify has not put any hard rules on the artist or the managers. This service the original artist can obtain through paying the nominal cost to the Spotify. Though the Spotify will not have the copyright control over it. The biggest challenge through this service is to eroding the labels and its partner who all are dominion the services by supplying the vast number of music to them.

However, with the agreement, the artist can earn up to 50 per cent of the revenue on the per song stream on Spotify. Eventually, the revenue shares are less compared to the major record labels which are 54 per cent.

The Spotify this service pretty much in favour for those artists which were dangling to sign a contract under the labels or independent distributors. Apart from this, the agreement clauses didn’t permit the artist to license the same work with another service provider with the different agreement. The feature is in its beta version at the earlier stage, which can take some time to fully available for all the users/artist.

spotify, spotify music streaming, Spotify Will License The Artist To Directly Upload Their Songs,

But this feature will won’t turn the service provider like the SoundCloud and Youtube. As company quoted it wanted to expand its artist list and countries area. When the feature will be available for all, the artist should have the own copyright to their music in regard to upload it. Spotify won’t become the label or middlemen. As they have kept the barrier-free entry among for all like the SoundCloud and Youtube.


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