Social Network Banged by Supreme Court on Unsuccessful for Stopping Offensive Content


After the European Union new advisory to search engines and social network, now it seems like the supreme court of India is strict on policies. In recent events, many news has been surfaced regarding the content on the lynching of people’s in the country. The supreme court has upraised the concern on the usage of a social network like Facebook, Instagram, Google and Yahoo in the country. The bench of Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta issued the notice to all social networks to find full proof procedure regarding the uploading of the objectionable offensive content on them.

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Facebook, Whatsapp, Google and Yahoo Can Be Fined Rs.5 Lakhs Per Day

Yes, you heard right! The bench of Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta look to be serious on this matter. The Bench granted the social network and search engines Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Microsoft and Yahoo one month notice to find out or develop a full proof procedure which can curb the uploading of the offensive content including the child pornography, gang rapes, and so on, on the social media sites respectively.

Apart from that concluded, if failed to provide or develop the mechanism to prevent of uploading the objectionable content then each social network will be fined Rupees Five lakh on per day basis. Before this fined we all have witnessed about the huge fined imposed by the European Union on Google nearly about $5 Billion.

Supreme Court commented a statement: What sort of perceptive you(social network) are carrying? There has been lots of objectionable and questionable content are surfacing online(on social media sites). This content has pulled to various circumstances and dying at different places. Even though you all are not worried. After witnessing all recent matters, the supreme court allocated the month time span to come up with a powerful mechanism which can stop such blunders.

The whole issue came into the limelight when the PIL was filed by one of the NGO owner Prajwala, asked the court to direct the search engines and social networking sites to observe or not allow the uploading of the questionable and offensive content on them. Separately Prajwala questioned in the PIL regarding the issue of uploading child pornography on the internet across, after having so much assurance from search engines and social networking sites.

The supreme court has posted next date on August 27th for further ahead hearing. As it is so worrying issue for the country and expecting that social media and networking sites can come up with the best mechanism to stop such issues related to the offensive content from being uploaded.

In meantime, the supreme court is serious and given a month time gap to justify or finding out the solution related to this growing and never-stopping problem.


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