Snapchat Working on its Camera with Amazon To Help You in Buying


Social messaging app ‘Snapchat’ is in the rumour mills as it is reported that e-commerce giant “Amazon’ to an unveiled new feature which will help in visual products search. Besides this feature is an initial development stage, therefore, it is codenamed ‘Eagle’. The feature will allow you to search the product through barcode when you long press the camera button. Even though the company is working with also Shazam and other partners to help the users to identify the music, object and the related information.

This ‘Visual Product Search’ information about the feature has come in acknowledging through details and references spotted inside the APK(android product kit) file from the Google Play store. The primly scoop by one tech blogger website.

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However, nor the Amazon or Snapchat has tipped anything about the leak. So, to assured anything about this, when it will be getting rolled out as a public version.

A major concern, about talking the leak is that Snapchat has already featured the Shazam functionality way back in the year 2016. the feature allowed you to identify the song playing nearby you, with tap and hold. It allowed the users to send it to there friends or even can follow the artist on Snapchat. The Snapchat main motive is to differentiate its app from Instagram rather than just social media maker. The snapchat user base is increasing twice in the numbers than others.

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If snapchat rolled out this affiliate program with Amazon than it will open the new doors for there revenue stream. The users will easily, in turn, to have more advertisements and even gets notified about the sales are just a few taps away.

The cross-platform support integrated between some other companies also, Samsung owned Bixby used it for shopping on Amazon. Although, Snapchat has to convince the users about their app is more than messaging and sharing stories.

What is Snapchat’s Eagle Eye Codenamed?

In simple terms, the Snapchat codenamed ‘Eagle Eye’ is renamed as Camera Search. However, the company has not signified about this project feature will work on the existing version or not. The app’s code mentioned the tags ‘sellers’ ‘reviews’ ‘url copy’ of the product and share and send to friends- suitable via message or stories.

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This Eagle eye project probably be connected to Snapchat’s Context card. The context card was already unveiled last year only- which shows the details like business contact info, movie tickets and many more. Snapchat context card will let the users identify the products tagged in the Snap ads as well as through scanning. Anyhow, advertisers will have to pay Snapchat for promoting the products. But snapchat already has in-app purchasing for various add-ons feature.

Snapchat camera search can give direct competition to Pinterest’s Lens, which allows the users to identify the product and bring the relevant content.


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