Samsung’s Next Flagship Can Be Named Galaxy S OR Galaxy X

The Korean Smartphone maker seems like to add new features in its flagship smartphone this time with some new technological advancement. Although we have seen quite from last years Samsung has now given any major updates to its flagship smartphones but this time company can come over with new things. Because the next year, 2019 will be the tenth anniversary for Samsung.
Also from word of rumors reported that Samsung was earlier working on redesigning of the Galaxy S9 but later dropped that ides and release an iterative update instead that looks like the Galaxy S8 from last year. That decision hurts the company in various terms and many geeks thought Galaxy S9 & S9+ is the new big update as compared to the previous generation models.
Here the list of some leaks features that released from the South Korean news site The Bell.


According to the report, The Bell( Korean news website) has revealed the Code Name of Galaxy S10- “Beyond” on which Samsung is working right at this point. It can be expressed from name Beyond that company is working on some new thing which will be being beyond ability or limit.

It is generally seen codename of the devices plays a significant role in delivering the contextual meaning on what the manufacturer is working to achieve to accomplish with its new gadget.

Samsung has earlier used the selective code name for its flagship smartphone like Galaxy S8 was code-named “Dream,” for Samsung’s dream of surpassing Apple, the S9 was “Star” for being the polished star of the Galaxy range. So code-name Beyond can state that the new galaxy S10 which will include capabilities that are beyond anything available right at this point.

Moreover earlier this year, the company suggested that it’s considering ditching either the S or the number at the end in future versions.

The next Samsung flagship after the Galaxy Note, then, could be known as the Galaxy S or the Galaxy 10.

Flagship Design

The galaxy S10(tentative name) design has finalized, this time won’t accept too much of massive redesign. Samsung will still use the infinity display trend in its new flagship smartphone utmost like it previous flagship Galaxy S9 and S8. So, no revolutionary foldable display and no notch-display. Thus which can create two sense of expressions in their fans of happy and sad.

Samsung, Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10Plus, Galaxy S9, gadgetsgreek

The Bell point also mentioned Samsung is working hard on the new feature for its flagship smartphone to create fingerprint on display (F-O-D) scanner.

The Infinity display was first seen on Galaxy S8 and can be back again on Samsung’s new flagship. Infinity display means which cuts the top and bottom bezels of the phone. According to the reports, that the screen size will be increased ever so slightly, to 5.8 inches for the regular S10 (up from 5.77 inches on the S9) and 6.3 inches on the S10 Plus (up from 6.22 inches on the S9 Plus).

If we talk about the notch display, all thanks to Samsung for not following the useless trend. As per earlier reports, Samsung is planning to have notch-like Apple iPhone X but put to rest by this new report.

Samsung, Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10Plus, Galaxy S9, gadgetsgreek

Key Features:

 3D sensing camera

Like the FaceID feature, Apple introduced on the iPhone X last year. Samsung is also working on the more complex and secure 3D face scanning feature in the Galaxy S10. So, Company has tied up with the Israeli 3D camera solution company Mantis Vision and camera maker Woodgate.

Samsung, Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10Plus, Galaxy S9, gadgetsgreek

While the S9 is an impressive beast but we talk about the facial sensing of it is still underpowered. Facial sensing also means AR Emoji which is not as much accurate as compared to the Apple AR Emoji. Therefore the company has tied up with camera solution providers to provide the better and accurate understanding

Moreover, Samsung has also tied up with the other three sensor companies- Qualcomm and Synaptics in the US, and Aegis Tech in Taiwan for the better display fingerprint recognition.

Advanced SOC

It’s a reasonable wagered that the Galaxy S10 will include another cycle of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, in all probability the Snapdragon 855.
Samsung has sunk $5.6 billion into a foundry for supposed 7mn chipsets for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 phones.
Risk trials for those chips will start not long from now, with Samsung expecting that large-scale manufacturing would be possible in early 2019 — in time for a likely S10 release date

Release Date

From last two launches, we have seen Samsung has unveiled their two flagship gadgets at various occasion sources.

While Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018, the Galaxy S8 was launched at its own “unpacked” event in 2017 — and keeping in mind that the Galaxy S10 isn’t probably going to be as large an upgrade as the S8 seemed to be, it’s conceivable that Samsung will uncover its most up to date flagship phone at its own special event.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Samsung in the coming months, so watch for our updates on the latest Galaxy S10 news.


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