Retailers Get Duped with the Fake Paytm App By Fraudsters in Hyderabad


Dialy we hear a lot of fake news on a various social media platform. It is tough to control over such news and people who deliberately spread that news for own benefits. But now fake apps are available too across both the iOS and Android platform, which is creating a headache for consumers and company.

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In similar to the context that, the new incident has spotted and reported by Deccan Chronicle, some crook has used the fake app to duped the retailers up to 2 lakhs in Hyderabad. The payment mode they used to create fraud is none other than is Fake PAYTM app ‘Prank Paytm’. As per investigation by Taskforce mentioned, fraudsters downloaded the ‘Prank Paytm’ a fake app from google play store.

As per reports in last three months, the three supermarkets and two shopkeepers has been seen tapped in this duped. It also assumed by an official that fraud might spread across the country. To mislead the retailers, the taskforce will be keeping a close eye on those fraudsters use of the fake paytm app. The Fake Paytm app shows the message of payment confirmation as same as the real one along fake transaction number generated.

Among that one famous app is ‘Prank Paytm’ and shows the message clearly that it is developed to play a prank on friends. But it now seems like it been used by miscreants as per reports. The App has been removed from Google Play store after coming of the incident in the limelight but still available on some other websites. However, still, some other related fake apps are also available on Google Play Store.

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From the UI, it clearly appears that shouldn’t be hard to deduct the difference with good screen resolution smartphone. However, it’s sure that fraudsters use the smartphone with a lower resolution to get the trust of the payee that they had made the payment.

Even though, it is not the first time that Alibaba-owned company paytm has experienced. In past also, paytm ex-employee and others person were arrested for duping customers in the name of completing the KYC. After completing the process, accused transfers the funds into their accounts from the customers by giving false promise of cashback.

However, from the last couple of months, many similar cases of fraud apps have been recorded. Few of them includes like after reports of reliance, launching its own cryptocurrency JIO COIN, many fraudsters have developed fake apps to dupe people on investment plans. The second one, recently launched messaging app Kimbo by Patanjali, has also faced with a large number of clone apps available on Play Store.

Despite to deal with such incident, Google had taken a major step in last year, it has removed the 7,00,000 apps from there Play Store. Even Apple has taken already few steps to control over such apps.


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