No More ‘Fake Post’ on Social Media: BJP Chief Amit Shah Inform Party Worker’s


Daily fake news problems are getting wider and wider over the various online platform and internet bigwigs are taking a daily new step to avoid these nuisances. Even political parties themselves are working over it to stop and ask their party worker’s to abstain from posting fake information on social platforms which later can help to avoid losing credibility among people.

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As per the report by TOI,  yesterday Bjp Chief Amit Shah held the party meeting at NDMC Convention Centre with 300 party workers and supporters who have the followers of more than 10000 on the Social Media platform.

BJP Chief Amit Shah instructs them not to make the mistake of posting fake pictures, data and messages on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms.

“He said such action endangers our credibility before the people,” said a participant, seeking anonymity.

According to him, this meeting between party president and ‘Social Media Warriors’ (party workers) was already planned because of growing significance of online social platform in developing awareness, which is important in politics.“The BJP president also advised the workers to use their social media posts in analyzing and comparing the works and achievements of the Modi government with those of Congress rule”. TOI quoted him saying.

It has seen political activist of all tones are fairly blameworthy of trying to make use of trustworthy voters for spreading either entire falsehoods into turning it in truth to fit their agenda, conservative gatherings have been more active intentionally posting hate messages and publicity that is hurting society and disturbing the lives of numerous in unfavourable ways.

In past with few instances, the BJP has been accused of using their vast social warriors for interpreting the fake and real news in context for party’s benefits. Sadly, though, the problem isn’t restricted to only the foot-soldiers. Therefore, BJP chief mentioned in the meeting to use these platform in a handy way.

This is not about the workers about for high profile minister too, one of recent instance-tweet from Railways and Coal Minister, Piyush Goyal, who tried to showcase the old pic from NASA as proof that current government has been successful in bringing the electricity to remote areas throughout the country. Thankfully, though, the misrepresentation was quickly spotted by the Twitterati.

twitter, bjp Since the workers have been trained, one needs to think about whether the BJP will attempt to take care of false tweets from its ministers.


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