How To Endorse Your Mobile Application?


In the present aggressive World, it is exceptionally hard to make the one best productive mobile application which emerges from the ocean of comparative application.Building the application is not sufficient as well as promoting it is another battle, which most likely never gets end as long as the application exists.

There are some questions which arise in everybody’s mind: how can you endorse your mobile application better than your competitor’s? How can you build a brand for your mobile application? How to make the target market realise that you’re better than the other ones? because you were unavailable to get the solutions to these questions then you will be lost in the oceans like many others.

How to engage the users and endorse your mobile application?

There are 8 best ways by which you can endorse your mobile application.

1.Build the Presentable Website and Invest in SEM.

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For instance, you made the application identified with camera innovation. wouldn’t it be extraordinary if your site shows up on the top of search items for that coveted keyword ‘camera’ when people search for it?

What’s more, next what’s superior to having a static site for your product and the blog, which clarifies the highlights, how to utilize and at the last, diverting it to where the people can download it?

Search engine marketing, content marketing, and other inbound marketing methodologies enable you to increase numerous new users by building a brand for your application.

2.List your Application on Product Listing Websites.

They are several websites with a large number of users holding up to find and try your new application. You should simply to list your application on such platform.  If your product has the ability to stand out, it’ll surely stand out on these platforms.

Here is the list of few product listing websites where you can list your final or beta version of your application:

  1. Product hunt
  2. Betalist
  3. Hacker News
  4. Betabound
  5. Preapps
  6. Androlib

3.ASO(App Store Optimization).

As like Search engine optimization is essential for your site, same way App store optimization is imperative for your application.What’s smarter to advance your mobile application than influencing it to rank at the first position for the searched keywords?

App store optimization involves:

  • Naming your application deliberately
  • Using appropriate keywords
  • A description which triggers the target user to buy
  • Getting good rating and reviews.

There are many other factors like local preference, the number of downloads, the reputation of the company, language etc. and so on which decide the position for the keywords but above mention list is utmost important for your application to rank.

You can upload or submit your application on more than one-app stores.

4.Social Media Marketing: The Real Power.

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Another best promoting technique is connecting or interfacing up your application with every single Social Media, it is an incredible method to draw in your intended interest group via social media. The ideal approach to advance your application via social media is examining their concern as a medium, to continue locks in. On Facebook go live. Utilize the important hashtag to make discussion on Twitter. Make industry related recordings and post them on youtube. Make infographic and stick on Pinterest. Bear in mind to connect every single social medium profiles on your versatile application.

5.Spotlight On Getting Reviews From Trusted Websites and Influencers.

There are various number of websites like android authority, android central, android police, app brain etc., which offers many types of services( paid & free)  for reviewing your application.You can pick to get checked on these stages as these sites impact the conduct of a huge number of users and offer an in-depth review of your mobile app.

6.Press Release.

It is a most expensive medium for endorsing your application. In any case, the official statement has a wide approach.At a similar time, it spans to all your intended interest group like bloggers, news channels, and different influencers.


Directed ads work best when you have an objective market-arranged advertising methodology. Utilize Google Adwords to target keywords on play store and Utilize Search Ads to run comparable promotions on App Store. Run focused ads on Facebook and Twitter to focus on the clients of your rival application, the individuals who are keen on your specialty, and other forthcoming clients.

8.Associate Strategy.

A partner program is where you offer your users, bloggers, or any outsider a financial or non-fiscal advantage for each individual they allude to your application.No-doubt it creates the huge impact.

Many Games Apps like Candy crush, subway surfers etc. follows this strategy to increase its user-base.


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