HMD Global Applied For Other Two Trademarks PureDisplay and Face Unlock


The home of Nokia Mobiles, HMD Global seems to be on a pure roll. Yes, we’re not joking as per latest news around the tech world HMD Global has recently acquired the ‘PureView’ trademark from Microsoft. Now has applied for another two trademarks that Microsoft having the ‘PureDisplay’ and ‘Face Unlock’. After these fillings don’t give us any hint about the upcoming Nokia phones but we can expect the company is in the right inclination, which is bringing back the old technologies such as PureView HD+ Display handsets.

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The company didn’t sneak out quite much information in their trademark filling. They only mentioned that PureDisplay Technology will be used for Smartphones, Tablet and handheld media devices. And the other one, Face Unlock filing information is not available. Moreover, still, there is not too much to mention about this technology as Nokia already provide the feature of face unlocking and biometric in all of their current handsets.

It will be interesting to see that Nokia how can bring up this Pure Display feature in their upcoming smartphones as patent trademark like the SamsungInfinity Display.

Five years ago, this PureDispaly technology was unveiled with the Nokia 920- which shows the better blaze from the polarizer and good under sun readability. The screen was working at the high frame rate (60fps), to control the UI and content rolling over the screen.

As of now, we all have to wait and see the what does HMD global can come up with their this technology. Apart from this, the HMD Global has a series of another trademark available in their arsenal(already acquired) Asha, Dual-Sight, Xpress-On and the recent PureView.

Nokia, HMD Global, Nokia PureView trademark, lumia 920, pureview lumia 920 camera, hmd acquired pureview trademark

Earlier to this, when HMD Global has acquired the PureView technology backed, it created the buzz in the market that Nokia is working around the clock to focus on camera-centric smartphones. In past, after acquiring by HMD Global all handsets launched they were fits well in every department except the camera department. So, now it is being rumoured that Nokia is working to bring five camera-equipped smartphones with the PureView tag at the back.



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