Exclusive: Google Hints To Revamp Some App With Icons


From Tuesday 8th May, google to kick-off the I/O 2018 in the Mountain View, California. That will be the year’s biggest developer conference and hence lots of major announcements expected, covering Google’s entire range of products and services including Android, Wear OS, Chrome OS, the Google Assistant, Android Auto, and more.

Google even hinted to revamp it’s existing some apps, here’s the full gallery of all the ones we have and also expected to announce in Google I/O 2018.

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Google One

Google’s most iconic app which has long forgotten since 2015. Google has designed the app for a social cause projects which are running through Google for Non-profit.
First, we take you back to understand the motive of this app from Google-One today lets you find and provide for beneficent associations that have joined through Google for Nonprofits. you can discover and pick the activities under different classifications in like manner which matters you most.
The app will give you a daily featured project and let you match other donors or give whatever you want.
The app also lets you browse through all the projects Google has partnered with, visualize your donations and impact, and “rally people to be generous and feel good” by paying it forward and giving others some funds to donate with.
The reason was it got forgotten because of old menu style and tabbed design which looks outdated according to the current scenario.
Now it appears like it can get some oxygen. Thus Google has leaked the image of Google One App now which assuming Google is revamping this app.
The new app icon that we’ve obtained, titled “One” (rather than “One Today,” it’s getting a rename too?) ditches the big drop shadow and blue for a brighter colored icon that embraces the four Google colors.
What’s more, no, it’s not an icon for “Android One,” unless Google for some reason has plans to introduce an app specific to those phones.
 Google I/O 2018. Google aConference, Ads, Migrate, Google One

Google News

Quite for some time, we have seen google news app was not too much popular among the users. According to reports of Adage, people who are familiar with the plans confirmed google’s new redesign for this app is coming at I/O 2018.

Adage mentioned that “Search engine expected to unveil the new digital media destination next week at its developer conference”.

Moreover, in its revamp, Google will integrate various its news portal and apps on one platform that will include the elements of Play Newsstand app and youtube.

As is, Google News is mostly an article and text-heavy service that collates the top news with various filters for interests and regions. This updated product is reportedly being announced at I/O as part of efforts to help publishers consolidate how they interact with Google in regards to news.

Accelerated mobile pages are unsurprisingly a big aspect of this update, with a speed likely a focus. In the context of this Jason Kin, CEO of Digital Content Next releases the statement saying that:

Google’s efforts to improve its news products could earn it some goodwill in the industry, which it needs. Google has clashed with publishers over implementing Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation. Google and the media have also often had an ambivalent relationship, with publishers enjoying the traffic that Google delivers but worrying about giving too much away on products like Google News.
Google I/O 2018. Google aConference, Ads, Migrate, Google One, gadgetsgreek

The third one on our list is so much puzzling that we look into on it to incorporate into the post. The Google Adwords isn’t generally a rich application and less prevalent among the users. So to make things less complex for the users as Google is intending to join the Adwords and Adsense applications which into one item basically called “Google Ads.

The logo basically titled “Ads,” and strikingly looks a great deal like the “One” and “Google News” symbols. It likewise utilizes the striking Google colors to make a simple shape. However, it’s simply the yellow, blue, and green in color.

That’s notable and might be a hint as to what this could be because if you look at the current Google AdSense and Google AdWords icons, you’ll see that they use the same colors.

Google I/O 2018. Google aConference, Ads, Migrate, Google One, gadgetsgreek

Google Migrate

The Fourth is the line is Google Migrate which will be the refreshed adaptation of Data Transfer Tool.

The outline for the Migrate symbolizes the essential blue symbol with three paper plane, with the blue foundation and drop shadows that go down and to one side. All things considered, it’s an odd looking white wire.

It is an as of now indistinguishable outline to Data Transfer Tool that Google has for the Google Pixel and Pixel 2 at the present time.

The name Migrate itself makes a lot of clear sense from its design what will be it for.

We’ll see what happens at I/O, however this one, if it’s even specified, could possibly convey a few changes to the Data Transfer Tool, as well? Maybe Google is opening it up to work on any Android device and wanted a user-friendly name?

Google I/O 2018. Google aConference, Ads, Migrate, Google One, gadgetsgreek

And Some More Are There…

There are other two icons or apps which can be also disclosed at I/O 2018 but we don’t have any much news for it yet.

PLX – Here we have a ribbon-like icon that fuses the three colors we see on the new “Ads” symbol. It’s called “PLX,” which doesn’t remain for anything evident in our psyches. That is about it on this one.

Insights – Next up are insights. The only thing we could find relevant would be PageSpeed Insights? Perhaps the up and down arrows resemble upload and download? That might make sense.

Google I/O 2018. Google aConference, Ads, Migrate, Google One, gadgetsgreek

We Don’t have much information about the above last two apps or icons. So, if you have any theories about them Let us know in the comments.


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