EU Regulators Fined Google worth of $5 Billion for Misusing Android Platform


It Seems like bad days for started for Alphabet.Inc parent which owns brand Google. On Wednesday, europian union regulators impose a huge fine worth 4.34 billion euros(approx $5 billion) for misusing the famous mobile platform ‘Android’ of the world. However, this fine has been double up as compared to last year, which was imposed on one of the US tech-based online shopping search services. The fine was valued last year at 2.4 billion euros.

In addition to this, Google releases the statement in which they mentioned that they will appeal the claim against the European Union views that their platform has a limitation in fair competition.

Besides, that European Union regulators said, Google platform Android is completely unfair in the competition, emulate to the Apple’s platform. Google favoured its services by forcing other OEM’s to pre-install Google Chrome and Search option along the app store ‘Play’. Added other point Google violated other rules, as making mandatory for phone makers for exclusively to install ‘Google Search’ in their phones and rather than prevented them to install any other ‘forked’ version of Android in the selling phones.

EU Regulators Fined Google with worth of $5 Billions for Misusing Android Platform,google, european union, eu fined google 5 billion

The European Union Antitrust executive ‘Vestager’ ordered Google that to stop this illegal practices within the 90 days with smartphone makers and telecom providers or else encounter additional 5 per cent of charge, parent Alphabet Inc. average daily worldwide revenue.

In the decision, EU adds and points to Google prime competitor Apple, said They also pre-installs a number of apps in their iPhone but anyhow not forced or limited but like you Google.

Furthermore, CEO of Google ‘Sunder Pichai’, wrote a blog post on the ‘‘ and opposes the allegations made by the European Union. He wrote ‘the fact that Android phones compete with iOS phones‘ and adding that ‘the decision did not hold the options Android offers to phone makers, mobile network operators, app developers and consumers’.

Along with that CEO Pichai, justify app’s bundling and opine is easy for users, as if they don’t want to use pre-installed app’s then can also install the other alternatives. He holds also that EU decision could “upset the careful balance” as Google has with Android.

Google Advertising business is increasing more efficiently on mobile than desktop. Therefore, they are bundling up the apps and even enough strong platform to sell their ads and data about the users for targeting ads.

The European Union was investigating the Android from 2015 and continuously receiving the complaint from two years made by Fairsearch. Later, in between likes from Microsoft and Nokia. Anyhow, the major Android smartphone maker like Samsung Electronics Co, Sony Corp, Lenovo Group Ltd and TCL Corp, brushes aside to tip any comment on the decision of EU.

The major argument made by the Vestager, EU’s commissioner, was-

“Our decision stops Google from controlling which search and browser apps manufacturers can pre-install on Android devices or which Android operating system they can adopt,” she said.

In the end, problems don’t end here for Google-owned Alphabet inc. European Commission is still investigating the other case of Antitrust against Google Adsense for search advertising services. As the complaints include in it that ‘Google has prevented the third parties from using its product by displaying search advertisement from its competitors’.


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