Coinsecure-Trying To Rebuild Their Trust


As of late biggest bitcoin theft has come to know from India’s second-biggest bitcoin trading company-coinsecure, an immense number of bitcoins had been stolen from their wallet in which they had suspected their own organization’s CSO.

After this episode coinsecure appears to be very battling in reconstructing there picture and trust among there clients. As the organization is encasing each update about the incident on their website. In the coinsecure recent update, they have specified that they are working with their specialists to track the movements of the funds. Moreover, they assure their clients that their funds are 100% secure with them and if in any case, bitcoins were not able to recover then they will refund the funds from there own pocket-in which they will return 90% of the amount in INR sum and rest of the 10% balance will be kept in BTC. Also, mention that they are planning to go online and restart their trading again.

It will be interesting to see whether the organization can be able to make that brand image back among there clients? also, the essential thing Does they will get the green flag from the cyber cell office and authorities to start trading again? Lets Hope for the best.

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the letter that coinsecure has issued on their site.

Dear Users,

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the community at large, our valued customers and our team who have been ever so supportive and helpful during this difficult phase that we are currently going through.

It has been extremely overwhelming for us at coinsecure to get heartful messages of support in various forms. We are ever so grateful and thankful for having you’ll stand by us!

We are working with global exchanges and experts to help us track the movements of funds.

Rest assured, that we will do the best we can for our customers who have been affected.

As mentioned in our previous mailer, your INR funds that you have with us at coinsecure, are 100% secure.

Through the course of the investigation, should we be able to recover all out BTC, all our customer’s BTC holdings will be refunded as per the balance they held with Coinsecure.

However, if recovery of siphoned BTC is not possible, then we will apply the lock in rates as of the 9th April 2018. 10% of the coin holding balance will be refunded in BTC and 90% will be returned in INR.

Details on procedure to be followed will be issued sometime next week, as we are planning on how we can go back online and help with withdrawals of INR and BTC  balances, and waiting for the go-ahead from the authorities.

We again thank you for your patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

Team Coinsecure


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