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Exclusive: Google Hints To Revamp Some App With Icons

From Tuesday 8th May, google to kick-off the I/O 2018 in the Mountain View, California. That will be the year's biggest developer conference and...
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Samsung’s Next Flagship Can Be Named Galaxy S OR Galaxy X

The Korean Smartphone maker seems like to add new features in its flagship smartphone this time with some new technological advancement. Although we have...
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Google I/O 2018: All Set For New Announcements

A touch of numerous puzzles for Google's next I/O venue and dates have been over.Google has itself revealed the dates and venue for its...
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Is 2018 Year For Smart Speakers: Google Home Vs Amazon Echo?

Consider what if the possibility that your surroundings get smartify from Television-to-Phones-to-speakers.What if you only require just to give voice commands for the switch...
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Ransomware: Fastest Growing Form of Computer Virus

Ransomware is essentially malware programming that bolt's the client PC and scrambles(encrypt) the data stored on it. Once the PC is contaminated and assumed...,apple, iOS, smartphones,secure

5 Best Simple Ways To Secure Your Smartphones

In the present innovation world, each gadget (computer, smartphones and etc) have their security flaws. In numerous past encounters, we heard the instances of...
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How To Endorse Your Mobile Application?

In the present aggressive World, it is exceptionally hard to make the one best productive mobile application which emerges from the ocean of comparative...
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5 Social accounts for which you can deactivate Facebook

There is no denying that Facebook has helped numerous individuals stay in contact with their companions, family, remade the former relationship and new bonds.But...