Best upcoming 5g mobile phones will be based on Qualcomm X50


As the year has come to its mid, a picture of new technology innovation for 2019 is getting clear day by day. Because of latest reports, some companies have started working on 5G network in some of US region. Moreover, companies like Asus, HMD Global (which sells Nokia phones), LG, Sony Mobile, Sharp, Xiaomi, ZTE and many others had made a partnership with chipset maker Qualcomm to develop a new chipset for there upcoming 5G smartphones.

The Qualcomm has also announced that they are testing new processor named Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem family, which will be used in upcoming 5G mobile phones.

If we talk about India,5G will be commercialised by end of 2019 or starting in 2020 and reports from Gartner also cleared that 5G network mobile phones to get hit in 2019. Last by 2021 to get 9% of market share in the world.

5G supported phones over the network will be operated on a new band, delivering the speed of 20mbps for downloading and 10Mbps for uploading without any latency. This new technology innovation will be providing a smoother experience on virtual reality and augmented reality, that requires higher data transmission.

The list of Upcoming 5G Mobile Phones in 2019

ZTE 5G Smartphone- ZTE GIGABIT

It was first showcased last year in MWC, which reaches the speed of 1-gigabit per second (1Gbps). Directly we can say it is 10 times more speed than any other previous LTE mobile phone. In terms of specification, it is powered by Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon X16 LTE modem combination. This phone will be going to give you better 360-degree VR experience along HQ streaming of music and movies.

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Last year when it is demonstrated by the company in MWC, it was not the fully-fledged device and still is a most trending device in rumours. As of now, no Company has developed the fully 5G supported phones and moreover, there is no availability of 5G network in a country. Final all will be cleared until the next year 2019. There is no as such news regarding the availability of this phone.

Samsung 5G Smartphone- Galaxy X/Note 9

Samsung is already known for next-generation new innovations and also the biggest seller in the world. So, Samsung is planning to launch new flagship smartphone named-Galaxy X, on galaxy series 10th anniversary next year. In terms of specification, it will be going to packed with Qualcomm latest processor and with most advanced features. S, users can have a best 5G smartphone.

Samsung, Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10Plus, Galaxy S9, gadgetsgreek

Until can’t wait next year, one good news is also there Samsung is also planning to give their note series next flagship note9 by the end of this year. Under the hood, it is rumoured to have Qualcomm latest processor 845 with 512 GB internal memory and 6GB/8GB RAM. The new feature can be introduced in this device as under display fingerprint scanner.This phone from Samsung can have 5G support network option.

Apple 5G smartphone- Apple iPhone 9

Apple is world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer and it is not worth that talking about latest technology until mentioning the Apple efforts in this field. Recently apple has launched the iPhone X on their 10th anniversary but apple can start their 5G journey with missed sequence from apple iphone 9. Apple can make it first apple 5G mobile phone.

Nokia 5G Smartphone- Nokia 10

According to the recent reports, Nokia’s Head of Mobile Broadband Milivoj Vela mentioned that nokia has already testing 5G network with telecom giants across the world and told them to start rolling out  trials by the start of 2019. Nokia 11 is expected to get launch in Q1 of 201 will be packed with latest and best specs.

Here is the list of other brands apart from giant player in the industry also working on 5G new technology based mobile phones.

HMD GlobalNokia 10/11
SamsungGalaxy X/Note9
AppleiPhone 9


  1. What will be the cost of these upcoming 5g smartphones ? i want to know specially for nokia 10 5g smartphone. i got to know from Gadgets Pit that it will be around 48k but its not for sure. i am planning to buy after reading you article.

    • Actually, the 5G technology launch date is not confirmed in india. So if anyone is predicting the values, all are based on their own assumption. I personally suggest you wait till mid of the year, the whole picture will be get cleared.


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