List of top new and best android games free to download


Honestly, some great things in life are always free or at least freemium. Yes, we are applying this time to these newly launched best android games which are free to download all time. Actually, they are lots of tons of games available at the google play store which are claiming your attention, but it is not easy to pick the right one which can help you in killing your free time on the daily commute.

Moreover, nowadays android gaming has been pulled off in big ways beacuse now you don’t have to buy any console like previously for playing them. So, fortunately, we have worked long and hard of testing in providing nearly all best games app for you.

This list includes all latest android games from- arcade, racing, strategy, action, roleplaying and much more.


This game is for those who love to play the doom designed game. Gamer’s of a certain age will forget the long stretches of valuable youth to ruthless first-individual shooter pioneer Doom.

This android game is actually made on open source assets which are running on a GIZZdoom engine and so different game levels can’t be restricted on copyright issues.

latest android games, best game apps, android games free download,best free android games of all time, freedoom, android games free to download, Overall gameplay is classic and assets are recognizable in the way of the original. You’ll discover the slightly industrial wasteland atmosphere, all-fun actions and tension of doom there with not-so-different skins.

Additionally added the bonus, you can add your old original doom WAD files into app’s configuration folder(if you want to play original thing on your smartphone).

  • App version- 0.2.5
  • App size- 40.85 MB
  • OS required- 5.0 and up
  • Price- Free

Google play store

PUBG Mobile

PUBG(players unknown battleground) from the last couple of months has been most addictive game all-around nowadays along on Xbox and Pc’s. It is most popular mobile shooters available in the market. The gameplay is nicely designed with HD resolutions where 100 players can battle royale on the small island. Besides, players can collect weapons, gears and vehicles on the ground to fight and survive for intruding death zones which pushing them to close together.

Somewhere, you can feel lack of controls as compared to pcs and Xbox. But anyhow storyline intends you rough play against other members on the mobile, which help you to keep playing long. If you don’t want to play long, it also includes an option like shrinking play area. This game with three resolution option low, medium and high where you required at least 2GB ram for low resolution, 3GB Ram for medium and for high is still is in upcoming right which will be required high RAM and good processors.

No doubt it is only serious gameplay when you want to play around the royale battle and experience it on mobile.

  • App version- 0.5.0
  • App size- 777 MB
  • OS required- 4.3 and up
  • Price- Free(and in-app-purchases for products)

Google play store

SkyForce Reloaded

Those you had played it earlier in Nokia phones, could it was the most popular game at that time. Since from then due to high demand, the developer has propelled the updated version of the game-skyforce reloaded. It is scrolling shooter game where you fly a plane and defeat the enemies plane, avoid bullets, collect stars and all other kinds of activities during the mission.

Skyforce Reloaded is basically an ode to old-style school top-down shooters. Graphics are intensive and 15 immersive stages with challenging missions. There are 9 different aircraft available along option of upgrades of guns, shield and other equipment. So you can turn your aircraft in the flying tank. Overall the experience is quite similar to the previous version but with more advancements.

  • App version- Varies with device
  • App size- Varies with device
  • OS required- Varies with device
  • Price- Free(ads and in-app-purchases for products)

Google play store

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc is strategy game model developed by Miniclip. By name plague, it clearly signifies- where you have to infect the world’s population with the diseases and destroy the world with 12 available types. The game is equipped with AI mode which will help you challenge your efforts.

The game comes with an option of save and load functionality, so you can save your current gameplay and can play later as many as times. Right now it is supported with 10 different languages and more to come in coming updates.

  • App version- Varies with device
  • App size- Varies with device
  • OS required- Varies with device
  • Price- Free(and in-app-purchases for products)

Google play store

Crossy Road

Crossy Raod- it is game with old-school arcade graphics, classic concept, easy controls, challenging appeal, fun to play, even funny when sounds are on. If you are bored with frogger or infinity games like subway surfer or temple run then this is the new addictive game where you get the challenges every day and beats them.

In Crossy road you get 150 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters and various gameplay ways like crossroads, railway tracks and many more. Even you can save your game settings with your Google accounts after signing in from where later progress can be restored. Can be played on big screens with Android TV.

So great, in fact, that this game won a Best quickplay game award at the International Mobile Gaming Awards.

  • App version- 3.0.1
  • App size- 67 MB
  • OS required- 5.0 and up
  • Price- Free(and in-app-purchases for products)

Google play store

Asphalt Xtreme 

When it comes to racing games for freemium, Gameloft is seen ruler and champion here with Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt xtreme. Asphalt Xtreme is basically off-roader style racer with various 50+ monster machines, different tracks, real-time multiplayer options and various vehicles can be unlocked.

You can choose different brands vehicles from like Jeep, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Predator, Dodge, Chevrolet and loads more of offroad racing’s best-licensed motor machines. And can get extra tokens or reward point by watching in-app ads which can be later used in-game for unlocking vehicles, extra tracks and much more.

It is very solid racing games considering the free price tag, but somehow can be aggressive with in-app purchasing strategy. Overall it will be having the great experience and best free android game all time(racing).

  • App version- 1.7.2
  • App size- 39 MB(1GD after installing in-app data)
  • OS required- 4.0.3 and up
  • Price- Free(ads and in-app-purchases for products)

Google play


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