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Apple has recently launched their new iPad at the education event in Chicago.It appears as though Apple is currently concentrating on Education Sector to contend with Microsoft and Google.As per the reports, in the event, Apple specified that they have outlined the item in keeping mind of students and teachers yet they are additionally happy for anybody to purchase this item. And also of the cheap price, software and Apple pencil support it unmistakably determining that organization will now focus and target the education sector.

Coming back to the Topic, Apple iPad is in its eight year and sixth generation.Apple iPad 9.7 is same as of like iPad 2017 design i..e, just change in SOC and Apple pencil add-on however with like old clothes.In any case, this time Apple has done new innovation to there non-pro iPads, made Apple Pencil supportive with them too.

Here are the key highlights of Apple iPad, and can finally able to compete with the Google and Microsoft products.

Design & Display- That Matters

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All new Apple iPad is same as indistinguishable to different iPads in previously.But the product is very much outlined- a decent metal back, well machine buttons around, a home button set at the bottom with the second era Touch Id integration(though it will be not water resistant as we get nowadays in other Apple items).

The 9.7-inch display with the black bezel around, which effortlessly fit your fingers while utilizing the device.At the best, all required sensors are there around like proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, three-axis gyro, accelerometer, and barometer.

The measurements of the iPad are 240mm(heigh), 169.5 mm(width) and 7.5mm(thick) only.It weighs just 469 gm as considerably lighter in weight to iPhone which we get nowadays.

So if you’ve had that older tablet you may not notice a difference visually, but you will enjoy the extra raw grunt the new model gives you.


Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

The screen on the new iPad is bright, legible in most lighting, and usable in nearly any situation. The resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels, which brings a pixel density of 264ppi.The all-new iPad won’t get the Pro-motion and Tru-Tone Technologies as it will be accessible on pro segment only just from that innovation as Apple guaranteed to convey low expensive iPad till now, which implies it has done cost cutting here and make its quality immensely missed.

While in the fluorescent light and daylight, display works great in perusing out the substance because of all thanks to the high contrast and brightness.

Apple Pencil-Now For Cheapest iPads

Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

Almost certainly the Apple pencil is the inventive tool that is an extra for the least expensive iPad till now. it was before accessible for pro versions only.That’s extraordinary for those hoping to jot on notes, draw, or utilize the Pencil in a large group of “mystical” different ways. It’s particularly convenient with regards to marking records or attracting pictures to illustrate what needs doing.

Likewise let not forgot, in order to access this feature you had to pay additionally to have this and which will cost around 33% of your new iPad add up to. In the event that we discuss the training business, Apple needs to reconsider its cost since as of now Logitech Crayon is accessible in the market as half of its price.(less functionality), yet it merits remembering when purchasing the new iPad. The crayon is more child-friendly in comparative to apple pencil, however, there are contrasts between the two. The two big things to note are that there is no pressure sensitivity or Bluetooth pairing.

As with iPad Pro use, the Pencil is incredibly responsive. It enables you to draw on the iPad screen with zero lag and it’s the same here. The Pencil is aware of the pressure you’ve put on it, allowing you to shade and also draw darker or lighter lines.

It’s not just about illustration. Different applications support Pencil as well, including Apple’s own Pages application. Another element enables you to add attracted comments to the duplicate that move when you alter the page. It’s exceptionally sharp, works between Apple gadgets, however, you and whoever you are offering the record to must utilize Pages. It doesn’t work cross-application nor upheld by Microsoft Word right now.

In the end, it will be a great and useful tool for both teachers and students, if are on all same platforms.

SOC, Battery, and Camera

A10 Fusion chip(Soc)

Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

The all-new Apple iPad 2018 is presently controlled by Apple A10 Fusion Chip that is combined with 2GB of ram. In spite of the fact that we were expecting that Apple will stay with an A9 chipset in all-new iPad likewise as of iPad2017 because of less cost of the item. Be that as it may, Apple made us wrong and has thought of the same chipset which is fueled in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 or plus.

It will run smoothly and proficiently if you aren’t too much of demanding. As indicated by the apple, it’s A10 chipset have 40% quicker CPU and 50% more graphics performance over the A9 chipset as in their last iPad.


Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

As Apple is guaranteeing 10-hours of battery life for web surfing or watching videos. We have observed battery life issues on a tablet over the number of years. However, it appears like Apple is presently in full glimmer to settle those issues.The battery will fill in according to the desires and will get the adequate life in the event that you would.Use it for general surfing, viewing Netflix, and playing games and you’ll get much longer. Put essentially the battery life is adequate to give you a phenomenal ordeal. It would have been decent to see quick charging however as found in the more up to date iPhone models.


Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

It’s difficult to rate the camera on an iPad, as it’s not by any stretch of the imagination that much use in present-day society. However, the 8MP sensor on the back of the new iPad recounts an entirely decent story in brighter lights, catching adequate detail – just when zoomed in does the absence of detail truly appears.

It’s an indistinguishable sensor from on the past two cheapest iPads, so Apple hasn’t done much to enhance the camera execution on its slates for some time now.

There is a noteworthy number of modes on offer to play with as well, demonstrating that the A10 chipset inside resembles a decent move from Apple.

It likewise considers things like panoramic scenes, time-lapse video and high-resolution movies, while the greater screen implies that encircling your snap is significantly simpler than on a phone.

In any case, for AR purposes, or for shooting a video and taking pictures for school, the sensor on the back of the new iPad is okay.

The 1.2MP front-facing camera is additionally fine and dandy, enabling you to have sufficiently clear, not excessively uncovered video discussions with friends or classmates, contingent upon what you favor doing at that particular minute.

Software, Apps, and Education

Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

The main idea of apple is pushing is to get their product placement in schools. It will don’t make a difference for some, individuals to purchase this item for themselves yet in the event that if you are intending to have this item for your home or for your kids then it will worth to have it since you will see the headway of this item.

Apple has updated and made numerous new applications for iwork whether it is connected to writing down the notes, drawing directly in the apps in another element that is called Smart annotation.It allows you to add comments and notations with Apple Pencil that progressively grapple to your content in Pages. That is significantly more available than previously. As Apple fundamental thought process is for Schools.

As per apple, there are of 2,00,000 applications over its apps store for educators and students, and teachers are additionally gaining admittance to Schoolwork and iTunes U, for course materials and the capacity to set assignments and perceive how understudies are advancing.

you will see numerous applications on all new iPad which can clear the questions of your kids effectively and easily. For instance, there is an application called Froggypedia, where you dissect a frog virtually to understand biology clearly.

Apple new iPad accompanies with iOS11.3 which includes new features regarding the numbers from which was the path back running.

In short, Apple iPad 2018 is a great tool for education.


The new iPad 2018 version comes in three colors-Space Grey, Silver and a Gold finish and starts at Rs.27,000 for 32Gb(wifi version) only and Rs.35,000 around for 128GB(wifi version) only. Apart from this Wifi + Cellular version will quite costly as compared to non-cellular versions and for Students the apple have a separate discount scheme.To check out that visit near your Apple store.

Apple, Apple iPad 2018, Google, Tablet,gadgetsgreek

Quick Verdict

The Apple hasn’t changed the outline for there new item regardless it stays with the 2017 design. The expansion of Pencil support is particularly welcome and is probably going to appeal to many.

Essentially, Apple’s emphasis on education sector for its new gadget. Simply envision what a flock of iPads going to the classroom can mean. Regardless of whether that is utilizing it for AR or just to scribble down notes, it’s probably going to be gigantically fruitful. If schools can afford it, of course.

if we not bothered about the classroom then this item is a total arrangement of new highlights with the most recent innovation refreshes at the least expensive cost i.e.., fueled with A10 fusion chip similar to pro version of the product.

At last, this is a decent item from the apple at the prudent cost.


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