5 Social accounts for which you can deactivate Facebook


There is no denying that Facebook has helped numerous individuals stay in contact with their companions, family, remade the former relationship and new bonds.But on the off chance that you are prepared for transform,

I will reveal  some better social communities for which you can deactivate Facebook, which secures your protection and channels the communities with a there basic and common interest.



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Bandlab is social networking for growing musicians.After you enlist with the registration part, you can record and upload various audio tracks,alter them and even can publish your composition on the services for others like, remark and share.

In its “Mix Editor” mode, you can use virtual instruments like the piano, drums and bass guitar to create rhythms. You can also browse its Loops database for free sample tracks from popular songs, which you can incorporate into your songs.

You can follow other musicians’ work, and even use their song to create a new version. Your song will include credits to the original artist as well. And if you’re keen, you can even collaborate with other members to form an online band.

Website- Bandlab



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This Social Networking is similar to like Pinterest or Instagram, where illustrator, designer or photographer can showcase their artwork.It is also a place where organizations search for the hidden talent on social media.

After making the free account on the website, you can upload your work to your profile pages. You can also create projects, where you can form groups of images, videos or in form of any digital content. You get the likes in form of appreciation from the followers or the public who has liked or viewed your project.

Similar to the other social networking, It allows the users to follow each other and view their updates on their timelines.It is a great platform to showcase your work and promote them on social media.




path website login, social networking, gadgets greek, facebook

Path is basically a smartphone based social networking app or website whereas it can easily accessible for all the user’s through-android play store and ios app store(where else you gets only limited access through the main website login with a limited amount of features). This free advertisement service is ton like similar to facebook feature where you can record videos to your stories(like Instagram also), check-in service so your friend can let know where you are and share connects to music and motion pictures which you are playing.

This application gives you features like searching your timeline by options ‘moments’, ‘locations’, any special events like ‘birthday’ and ‘holidays’. You get separate tabs for exploring the trending news or posts and hashtag option to check out for any particular recent or new updates.

If I talk about the privacy setting, it gives full control to users and let them manage how much information is to be shared, prevents the profile from searchable or tagged in photos and even gives add-on feature like auto-block of friend requests.




The Private Social networks do not share your personal information, there is zero commercialization. It does not use cookies to track usage through your browser and the best thing is that you can download your content anytime. Good about MEWE is that your profile will not be appearing in the google search and you can add or invite other in your MEWE account through emails only.

The Services MEWE provide you to share photos, videos, voice messages and post status. Even you can add events and can store on your calendar, upload and share documents, create private special interest groups and can chat with others in your contacts. You get the full freedom to set the privacy setting related to your content who can see it on your timeline.At the Time of signup, you get the free 8GB storage on your account and you can access it on mobile through also with both platforms- android and ios.

Website- MEWE



If I talk about privacy concern, then Diaspora ranks at the top among all the social networks.Whenever you will be clicking on the sign-up link on the website, you are incited to choose from a list of pods based on details like their uptime, location, number of clients and the services( like twitter and facebook)they offer. Pods are basically autonomously run servers that exist everywhere throughout the world to make a decentralised network that isn’t claimed by a solitary substance.

on the off-chance, if you are not sure, you can let diaspora set a pod for you. After that, you can move forward and can create your profile with all your personal information as you like to feed.You can like most of the social networks, can follow people from all over the world(not simply from pods you have joined).

And for the security concerns in a diaspora, you can also organize your contacts. Which simply results in who can organize and show the images and videos which you want to podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Website- Diaspora.org


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